MG-RAST v2 retired [November 21st, 2011]

It is over 7 months since Version 3 was released and the time has come to retire Version 2.

This will take effect on November 21st, 2011, two weeks from this announcement, after which the server will be permanently taken down. All parts of the analyses that are dynamically produced by the website will not be reproducible after this date. This includes images for the various analyses, e.g. pie-charts, heat-maps etc. as well as the data tables and some of the downloads, if you would like a copy of any of these please download them now. The data files used for the analysis will be preserved and we can make them available to the owner of the dataset for a limited time if requested.

Please email us at mg-rast at if you have any concerns.

Thank you for using our site and we hope that you find Version 3 a worthy successor.

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