Upcoming change to MG-RAST upload (early August 2015)

In the week of August 3rd, we will change the upload mechanism for MG-RAST to a new, improved platform.

This will improve the end-user experience by providing:

  •  automatic MD5 checking on client and server side (for most files) to ensure that files are received correctly by MG-RAST
  •  faster upload and the ability to resume stopped uploads
  •  pre-upload file checking for content and naming scheme compliance
  •  de-multiplexing for Illumina barcoded data
  •  pre-upload metadata validation
  •  auto-decompression

In addition to the web browser based upload we will also provide a python based upload script that end users can either use as is or adapt to their needs.

We will be discontinuing the use of the existing, slow and disk-space limited upload system and retiring that system. As a result we ask that users submit all the data in their Inbox ASAP and not wait with submission. Immediately before the switch over we will put a warning up on the MG-RAST homepage to inform users.

For any data remaining in old upload system, we will migrate that to the new system IF the files are less than 72 hours at the time of transition.

July 28th, 2015


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